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Pelosi criticizes the CCP for suppressing human rights and freedom, calling Huawei a threat | Freedom of Speech | Human Rights in China

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[Epoch Times September 17, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xia Yu compiled a report) On Thursday (September 16), the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said during a visit to the UK that the CCP’s views on freedom of speech and human rights The control of the Chinese Communist Party is becoming more and more serious, and the CCP’s control of technical data poses a threat to the West.

Reuters reported that Pelosi said in a discussion held by the Cambridge Union: “China (the CCP) is tightening, and the situation is getting more and more in terms of democratic reforms, freedom of speech or pluralism, or just people’s ability to express their opinions. Bad.”

“They (the voices of dissent) are not trying to change the government. They just want to express their opinions. This is a major problem.” Pelosi said of the voices of dissent in China.

Pelosi also praised the new Indo-Pacific security alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, and the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Zhao Lijian expressed dissatisfaction with the new alliance on Thursday.

Pelosi went to the UK to participate in the G7 parliamentary leaders’ meeting. When talking about China, she also mentioned China’s (this) military aggression in the South China Sea, genocide against Uyghur Muslim minorities, restrictions on Tibet, and The suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and other regions, etc.

On Wednesday (September 15), the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia announced that the three countries are forming a new security alliance. The three countries also reached a historic agreement to help Australia acquire American technology and equip nuclear-powered submarines. The new alliance will reshape the security pattern in the Indo-Pacific region and other regions.

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In the Indo-Pacific region, the United States and other Western countries have been worried about the CCP’s aggressive behavior in the South China Sea and its coercive behavior against Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. Although the leaders of the three countries did not mention Beijing in their speeches on Wednesday, analysts believe that the new alliance is designed to counter the threat posed by the CCP in the Indo-Pacific region in the military and technological fields.

US President Biden said on Wednesday that the move is to ensure long-term peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. He said: “This initiative is about ensuring that each of us has the modern capabilities and the most modern capabilities needed to operate and prevent rapidly evolving threats.”

Pelosi also praised the UK for phasing out the equipment of Chinese technology giant Huawei from its 5G network.

“This is a big threat.” Pelosi said when asked about Huawei.

She said, “We really have to develop our own 5G and make progress in so many technologies so that we don’t say, “Well, they (made in China) are the best and the cheapest. We All must be enslaved by the Chinese (CCP) in terms of technology by controlling data.'”

Pelosi also said that it is important for Beijing and Washington to cooperate in other areas, including climate change, COVID-19 and combating terrorism.

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