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pension reform

Colombia needs a pension reform that provides true social security and guarantees to those who have already saved and to all those who are saved, to obtain the contributions that will later allow them to live with dignity. Pension thieves have acted in different disguises, as bankers, financiers, insurers, politicians, parliamentarians, etc.

A pension reform that includes the recovery or restoration of allowance 14 suppressed since 2005; that pensions rise each year at the same rate as the percentage of the minimum wage; and that the discount for health be fair, only 4% and not the infamous 12% for a health system where they do not provide adequate service and money is stolen, leaving the people of SISBEN as unredeemed poor..

If we look at the financing of pensions and their sustainability with impeccable logic, in any country where there is public and private honesty (a miracle!), then there is no safer budget than that of pensions, because they are calculated on the contribution of the employees or workers themselves, plus the contribution of employers or employers. So the state delivers nothing.

This management of the contributions that produces intergenerational solidarity, that is, a great fund that is sustained over time by the contribution of all through several generations, and does not collapse because the contributions increase as the members grow, because work grows, and the country prospers, that is the average premium regime that Colpensiones has and that the Private Funds discredit because the fundraising they do is individual and they pay off and squeeze each member individually, taking the administration commissions out of them by force the monthly salary and not on the monthly contribution.

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Due to this argument, the contributions of the average premium regime should not be touched because they drain it, loot it and bankrupt it. Using these constitutionally sacred funds is a crime with massive repercussions against the general welfare.


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