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‘Pepe Cáceres’ has already premiered

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‘Pepe Cáceres’ has already premiered

The film ‘Pepe Cáceres’ premiered yesterday in the country’s main movie theaters.

On January 19, the film ‘Pepe Cáceres’ was released in the main movie theaters in Colombia, which tells the story of José Humberto Eslava Cáceres, an important matador and cataloged as one of the greatest bullfighting in Colombia.

“Fiction film that tells the story of the legendary Colombian bullfighter Pepe Cáceres. Co-directed and starring his son Sebastián Eslava. Pepe Cáceres is a feature film by Resilience Pictures in association with WideAngle Films, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Del Llano Alto Oleico, Blond Indian Films, 2.35 Digital and Diptongo Media Group, distributed by Cinecolombia”.

Directed by: Sebastian Eslava and Camilo Molano Parra.

Written by: Sebastian Eslava, Camilo Molano Parra, Fernando Arevalo, Maria Clara Torres, Ricardo Aponte, Camilo De La Cruz.

Produced by: Sebastian Eslava, Camilo Molano Parra and Camilo Buendia Villaveces.

“It tells the story of a man condemned to be a ‘Nobody’ due to the circumstances of his childhood, but determined to transform his reality at any cost,” commented Sebastián Eslava.

Official Trailer

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