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Perfectly united front of lies on Nord Stream

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Perfectly united front of lies on Nord Stream

Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson poked fun at reports in the New York Times, ARD and Zeit that a mysterious “pro-Ukrainian group” was responsible for the blasting of the Nord Stream pipeline.

The most successful news presenter in the USA Tucker Carlson called the original theory that Russia was behind the Nord Stream blast “the funniest lie of the year.”

Tucker Carlson:

»Vladimir Putin allegedly blew up the Russian natural gas pipeline to Europe. Why would Putin do such a thing? Well, they told us, because he’s evil.

Putin is so evil that he only destroyed his own country’s economy as a sinister joke. That’s how bad he is.

You have to be a pretty badass to declare war on yourself. Next, Putin will probably invade Moscow!

That was their story, the story the Biden administration gave us.

And then every news outlet in the US, without exception, endorsed this lie.

“Of course Putin did it!” they lectured us. “Don’t ask any questions or you’re a Russian agent!”

For a moment, there was a perfectly united front of lies about what happened to Nord Stream. But they couldn’t keep it up. Even by the standards of 2023, this story was too absurd.

Anyone who thought about it for even a moment realized that Vladimir Putin, of course, did not blow up his own pipeline. Why should he do that?

The Biden administration blew up Putin’s pipeline.

Joe Biden himself promised to blow it up live on TV, and after the blowup, Biden officials publicly cheered it on. Any sane person knew the truth.

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So after a few months, the professional liars decided to invent a new lie.

Unfortunately, this one was even stupider and even less credible.

“OK,” they conceded, “maybe it wasn’t the Putin after all. That was nonsense. We admit that Putin did not blow up Nord Stream. It was the Ukrainians! But certainly not the Ukrainians we know, who get billions of dollars in American taxpayer money every month. No no no. Not our Ukrainian friends. They would never do that. They were Ukrainians that we don’t even know! Breakaway Ukrainians who are anti-Russia but certainly have no connection to the Biden administration. Good Ukrainians fighting for a good cause, but without our help or knowledge, on their own!”

That’s what the New York Times (and ARD contrasts / time) told us. And everyone swallowed it. Here for example CNN:

REPORTER: In a parallel story, we learned more about the Nord Stream attack, Kate. You remember that in September the Nord Stream pipeline experienced an explosion, an attempt at sabotage. It is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the German authorities. According to the New York Times report, this attack may have been carried out by a group consistent with Kiev’s goals but not supported by or connected to Kiev. An independent group acting on its own behalf.

“Completely independent.” Sure.

Imagine you had to make a fool of yourself like that on TV.

So we had one explosion, three explosions in fact, part of a deep sea operation in the Baltic Sea, 70 meters under water, right in the area where NATO maneuvers were taking place. So one could assume that somehow the military was involved.

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But no, the woman on the TV is babbling Time/New York Times Story continues: It was an ominous, nameless group of entirely independent Ukrainians who just so happened to live in a country totally controlled by the Biden government and whose pensions are paid for by the US taxpayer. Clear. “Totally independent.”

Does anyone really believe that, including the concrete heads who parrot it?

No. And that’s what so many of these lies are about.

We know you’re lying, but that doesn’t help. Nobody believes them. You don’t even believe it yourself.”

da das New York Times/Zeit/ARD-Fairy tales nobody believes anymore, launched today Jonas Mueller-Töwe, Oliver Alexander, Carsten Janz and Lars Winkelsdorf from »T-Online« the next absurd set of lies to distract from Seymour Hersh’s research. Apparently these people know no shame.

We’re excited to hear what Seymour Hersh and Tucker Carlson have to say about it.

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