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Persistence is victory, the new year will be beautiful | Zhao Yide | Liu Guozhong | Epidemic_Sina News

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Original title: Persistence means victory in the new year

On the eve of New Year’s Day, Provincial Party Secretary Liu Guozhong and Governor Zhao Yide went to Xi’an to inspect the epidemic prevention and control work on December 31, visiting medical workers, community workers, public security police, sinking cadres, volunteers and residents who were fighting on the front line. To convey the cordial condolences and New Year greetings from the Party Central Committee and the State Council.

Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide came to the West Yard of Chongdefang, Xiaozhai Road Street, Yanta District, to inspect the implementation of prevention and control measures and communicate with the staff in-depth. Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide said that the comrades who participated in the prevention and control of the community gave up their homes and cared for everyone, and made important contributions to curbing the spread of the epidemic and protecting the lives of the people. Now that the epidemic prevention and control has undergone positive changes, we are in the most strenuous time. We must strengthen our confidence, work hard, unite and lead the masses to work together to prevent and control the epidemic, until the final victory is won. Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide urged the staff to do a good job of self-protection while working intensely.

Xujiazhuang Village, Electronic City Street, is a village in the city. Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide learned about the work of sinking cadres and listened to reports on grid management and control. Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide pointed out that the village in the city is a key place for epidemic prevention and control. The work class should strengthen organization and leadership, divide small control units, improve work accuracy, and implement various prevention and control measures. Sinking cadres must be aware of their responsibilities, sink and sink in place, and work with grass-roots cadres to watch the door and keep things under control, and resolutely stop the spread of the epidemic.

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Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide are very concerned about the guarantee of the people’s living materials. In the Fenglin Oasis Community in the High-tech Zone, Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide asked the staff whether the supplies are sufficient, whether the management is in place, and whether the delivery is timely. Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide emphasized that the holiday season is approaching, and the demand for living materials of the people will increase significantly. The provinces, municipalities and counties must do everything possible to ensure the basic lives of the people, and further do a good job in purchasing, storing and dispatching living materials, and all communities must improve the efficiency of delivery. To ensure the needs of the people’s lives, let everyone have a safe and comfortable New Year’s Day holiday at home.

During the inspection, Liu Guozhong and Zhao Yide emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the protection, care and care of front-line personnel, ensure various work guarantees, and protect the physical and mental health of grassroots staff. All departments and units directly under the province must mobilize and redeploy, organize more cadres to sink to the front line, actively respond to the concerns of the masses, and make efforts to solve the difficulties and problems in the lives of the masses. I hope that the broad masses of the people will continue to understand and support the prevention and control measures of the party committee and the government, work harder, and persist.


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