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Personal Inflation Calculator |  The sun 24 hours

As Istat explains, also in June “consumer prices net of energy and fresh food (core component; + 3.8%) and net of energy goods alone (+ 4.2%) recorded increases that they saw respectively from August 1996 and June 1996 ”. Also noteworthy is the acceleration in food prices, driven by the conflict as well as by energy, in particular for the cereal and vegetable oil markets.

Every month, Istat tells us how much the prices of a pre-established set of goods and services have risen, representative of all goods and services destined for the final consumption of families, the so-called basket.

Not all the items that make it up have the same importance in the consumption of the population. For this they are weighted. The weight that is assigned is obviously an average: for example, diesel in the general index weighs 1.9%, which will be too much for those who do not use the car and too little for those who do a lot of kilometers with a diesel car.

For this we have created this path for quiz questions, which far from being a perfectly tailored inflation of the individual reader (to do this the reader would have to answer a multitude of questions) tries to make inflation more personal and tailored in two ways: either by overweighting the choices of the reader, or by separating from average inflation the goods that certainly – given the choices made by the reader – will not buy.

For example, if the reader indicates that he does not eat meat, the meat component used for the construction of the Istat index will be separated. Or if the reader declares to travel many kilometers with a diesel car, we will attribute to the diesel component much more weight than the 1.9% used by Istat and at the same time we will separate from the calculation the petrol component that does not compete with those who only have a Diesel car. .

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