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Perspective. Chopinar, 35 years tasting the palate of Bogota

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Perspective.  Chopinar, 35 years tasting the palate of Bogota

Who in Bogotá has not gone to Chopinar to eat chorizo? This is a Colombian company dedicated to the commercialization of fast foods. It was born at the corner of Calle 53 and Carrera 16 in 1988, offering traditional products such as chorizos, pinchos and arepas.

According to information from that company, “our products are manufactured with all the care and modern techniques necessary to offer excellent quality that meets the expectations of our customers.”

They point out in their corporate message that “we are 100% committed to providing you with the best, that is why each point of sale has been the result of our work, not through franchises or third parties, which allows us to have the Chopinar seal without compromising our quality ”.

First the arepas

According to the information published in the degree thesis called “Strategic proposal for the Chopinar fast food restaurant”, carried out by the engineer Diana Carolina Pérez Jordán, “Chopinar was founded in Bogotá, Colombia, in the year 1988, by Conrado Perez Gomez. The idea of ​​creating Chopinar arose from the need on the part of its founder to obtain greater stability and grow his business, since before registering the trademark in the Chamber of Commerce, he was dedicated to the commercialization of arepas with cheese, which were offered in carts located in the front gardens of commercial establishments.

Pérez Jordán explains in his study that “although this business was quickly well received and after four years had a total of twelve carts located in different parts of the city, it was necessary to look for places where it could operate under a more organized scheme, with the option of increasing the variety of products offered and consolidating the brand in the city”.

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initial investment

He maintains that “the Chopinar company, as such, was created with an initial investment of approximately 1 million pesos, offering three main products (chorizo, pincho and arepa), with which its name was defined.”

The first point was opened on calle 53 with carrera 16 corner, in a leased premises, resulting in a successful and profitable business, so that after approximately three years of operation, a second Chopinar was opened in its own premises located on the calle 60 with carrera 17. Then the property where the Chopinar de la 53 was located was purchased, achieving the expansion of the premises and the creation of a parking lot. After More points were opened, some with parking and others with the option of parking on the platforms”.


In the publication, the engineer indicates that “between the years of 1998 and 2000, the policy of bollards to protect public space was approved in Bogotá, in the mayor’s office of Enrique Peñalosa, which has a negative impact on sales of the business, due to the impossibility of parking in some points. Therefore, the management of the business saw the immediate need to acquire land near the premises to open parking lots. The acquisition of the properties was achieved, but at quite high prices (having been able to buy them a few years ago at very good prices). The stores that were opened from then on were designed with their own parking lot or with the option of public parking.”

The parking lots

However, this change generated rejection by some customers, since they were used to disorder and preferred to leave the car parked on the platform in front of the business, rather than having to walk a little further to leave the car in the parking lot. Then the customers adapted to the new organization and the business continued as usual. Subsequently, the Pico y Placa policy for individuals was implemented in Bogotá, which had a negative impact on the business, reducing customer visits and the extension of business hours.

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Despite this situation, in the last five years Chopinar has had the biggest transformations, including image changes and restructuring of the premises, use of the Gamasoft software for registration control and sales billing (before everything was handled through registers). , new digital ordering system, changes in some suppliers of sauces and dressings, improvement of frying processes and product maintenance.

the tasters

Taking the consumption of Chopinar products as a reference, many people through Twitter and social networks have shared their experiences, which this medium replicates to show the importance of this traditional fast food business in the palate of Bogotanos and many tourists arriving in the capital.

For example, the user cringelandia@Softopus says: “I invite you to skip the stage of going to expensive restaurants and go directly to the nights of eating Chopinar arepitas and watching Betty cuddled up with the cat.”

For his part, Eduardop118 says about Chopinar: “An original and traditional invention in Bogotá, food for late-night students and drunks, but delicious, that’s how it started at 61 with 17 and at 53 with 19, but now there are many locations in Bogotá, many of them in service stations. Chorizo, pork skewer and extra cheese arepa in a single dish, with two or three thousand calories, with a devilish chili pepper. Highly recommended, popular food in clean places.”

the combo

Likewise, José A maintains: “The recommended one on the menu at Chopinar is very good: it refers to the combo *Chorizo ​​Pincho Arepa*. I like it”.

Andrés C agrees on these preferences about the restaurant: “An authentic and delicious express sin. A stop at Chopinar is a delight for those of us who like chorizo, skewers and arepas. Its flavor and quality are unmatched and it is creditable that it tastes the same everywhere. The variety is enough to coexist with the express modality. My recommended Pork Chopinar”.

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In this same sense, the taster named Andrés Alarcón says: “Famous and tasty. Without a doubt, this restaurant has managed to overcome time thanks to its well-seasoned skewers and first-class chorizos. It is an example of how specializing in a few quality products can lead to success for a chain that has grown due to the authenticity of its offer. The atmosphere should improve, but they are still an important benchmark for this type of food.”

Finally, another user, called alonsopio, points out: “The best! Highly recommended, uncomplicated, tasty, fast, super-hourly, they accept debit and credit cards, it has parking spaces, it is simply the best to eat quickly and tasty”.

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