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Peruvian police dressed up as a ‘bear’ to capture a ‘narco’ woman

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Peruvian police dressed up as a ‘bear’ to capture a ‘narco’ woman

On Halloween, a group of Peruvian police dressed up as superheroes to dismantle a small gang that also trafficked drugs in Lima.

“You are my reason to smile,” read the sign carried by the undercover agent dressed as a bear, along with a heart-shaped balloon.

The operation took place in the district of San Martín de Porres, in Lima Norte. The disguised policeman tricked the dealer by showing up in front of her house with a tempting sign that said: “You are my reason to smile.”

Without raising suspicions that he was not in love with her, the bear stopped being sweet as soon as the woman got close enough to end up subdued in the strong ‘hug’ of the security agent.

The police operation culminated in the seizure of more than 1,000 drug packages and the arrest of the trafficker and her accomplice, who is probably a relative of hers. “If she loves you, she won’t let you commit a crime!” The agents urged.

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Already on February 5, in the depths of Vraem, the National Police of Peru (PNP) carried out an operation against drug trafficking, according to a Contracorriente report. The confrontation occurred in the Carrizales sector, where police forces tested their bravery against local drug traffickers. The target was a camp that housed a coca maceration laboratory, intended for the production of basic cocaine paste.

Subsequent analyzes confirmed the exceptional purity of the seized drug. This discovery reflects the magnitude of the drug trafficking problem in the region and its international connections.

The war against international drug trafficking in Vraem had an important advance with the capture of the ‘Bravos del Sur’. This organization had a network specialized in the export of cocaine to Chile and Bolivia, using various modes of transportation, from vehicles to travel on foot.

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