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Peter Kazadi wants to quickly resolve the Teke and Yaka conflict

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Peter Kazadi wants to quickly resolve the Teke and Yaka conflict

As soon as he was installed, the Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Interior, Security and Customary Affairs, Master Peter Kazadi received Thursday, March 30, 2023 in Kinshasa the Kwamouth pacification coordinator.

The latter came to present to the new boss of the VPM of the interior the traditional chiefs TEKE and YAKA, whose peoples have been in conflict for some time.

Aware of the challenges awaiting him and determined to perform his duties perfectly in order to respond to the vision of the Head of State Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi, Peter Kazadi instructed his hosts to engage in the rapid resolution of the conflicts between them. .

At the end of this hearing, the coordinator of the Kwamouth pacification committee said he was very touched by the acute sense of direct and rapid work of the Minister of the Interior. He also promised that they will support him in resolving these conflicts.

« We are very touched by his keen sense of work. The same day he took office is the same day he received us to talk about the conflicts between the TEKE and YAKA peoples in Kwamouth. We are very touched, we traditional chiefs, and say that the excellence Peter Kazadi has really come to respond to the vision of the Head of State, that of restoring peace among the Congolese Said King Mini Kongo, His Majesty Fabrice Kavabioko.

To him to add:

«So we had come to give him our support, to introduce him to the two peoples affected by these conflicts. We introduced him to the real traditional chiefs of these peoples, not these chiefs who parade on the various television channels. We had come to present these peoples to him so that he could bring them together “, he added.

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It should be noted that the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior received in audience the traditional leaders of the TEKA and YAKA a few hours after taking office in his office.


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