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Petro confirmed that Carlos Carrillo will be the new director of the Ungrd

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Petro confirmed that Carlos Carrillo will be the new director of the Ungrd

President Gustavo Petro appointed Carlos Carrillo, former councilor of Bogotá, as the new director of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management (Ungrd). Carrillo will take the position left by Olmedo López, after his resignation on Thursday, February 29, in the midst of the scandal over the tank trucks purchased for La Guajira.

López’s departure from the Ungrd was due to the purchase of almost sixty tank trucks for the distribution of water in La Guajira, during the social emergency. The acquisition of the trucks has been in the spotlight due to complaints about the effectiveness and transparency in the use of resources intended to alleviate water scarcity. Carlos Carrillo, with political and administrative experience acquired in the Bogotá Council, now faces the challenge of leading the entity in charge of coordinating responses to natural disasters and emergency situations in Colombia.

Carrillo’s appointment comes at a crucial time, where Colombia’s ability to confront and manage risk situations and natural disasters is put to the test, not only in La Guajira but throughout the country. With a long history in public administration, the expectation towards his management focuses on the effective implementation of strategies that mitigate the vulnerabilities of communities to different types of risks and ensure a rapid response in emergency cases.
This is Carlos Carrillo

In the 2020 municipal elections, Carillo became the Bogotá councilor with the most votes for the Polo Democratic Alternative Party, with a record that exceeded 32,000 votes in the history of the political group. This notable victory positioned Carillo as a representative figure within the local politics of the Colombian capital.

Before his foray into politics, Carillo had an academic and professional career. He graduated as an industrial designer from the National University of Colombia and later obtained a master’s degree in Art and Design from Donghua University, located in Shanghai. His experience in the educational field includes a period as a university professor.

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During his period as a councilor, Carillo was part of the Board of Directors of the Council’s Plan Commission in 2020, a role that allowed him to influence strategic decisions and planning for the future of Bogotá. In his work within the Council, he stood out for being one of the main critics of the then mayor Claudia López, marking a firm position in various debates and key decisions for the city.

The context of his appointment

From Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where he is participating in the VIII Summit of Celac (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States), President Gustavo Petro addressed the controversial departure of Olmedo López, former director of the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management .

The president assured that “it is not healthy for the national administration to keep people who are so questioned in terms of the management of the resource,” making direct reference to the management of public funds. Gustavo Petro highlighted that rumors about Olmedo López’s management were already circulating, admitting that “they always bring clues.” However, he insisted that it is up to judicial and disciplinary authorities to carry out the investigation to establish the facts concretely and listen to the former official’s version.

“There were rumors and these always bring clues. But, undoubtedly, journalistic investigation is good. It is up to the judicial and disciplinary investigative authorities to establish the facts and hear their version,” President Petro declared before the media.

President Gustavo Petro took advantage of the space to address this issue, reaffirming his position regarding ethical and transparent management within his government. He is still awaiting the results of the investigations into the alleged cost overruns in the acquisition of tank cars for La Guajira. With Infobae

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