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Petro gets ready to visit children rescued from the jungle

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Petro gets ready to visit children rescued from the jungle

“Tomorrow I will try to talk to them and tomorrow my daughter turns 15 so it is a good gift for my daughter, a good gift for Colombia andabove all a gift to life that is what it means our children cared for by the jungle,” Petro said at the time.

What did the children lost in the jungle eat?

Both relatives and acquaintances of the minors have highlighted that from a very young age they had a deep rapprochement with Mother Nature and the ancestral knowledge of their indigenous community. A training that allowed them, among other things, to identify edible plants and fruits in the jungle, get away from dangerous animals and insects, as well as keep calm in a scenario of such great adversity.

In fact, among the facts highlighted by the rescuers is that the minors knew how to take advantage of their environment to, among other things, continue to eat to the best of their ability. On several occasions traces of the children were found next to passion fruit trees where the minors ate.

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In this sense, in statements with Noticias Caracol, Damaris Mucutuy, an aunt of the minors who were rescued, confessed that from a very early age the older girl was taught, as a game, to build ‘cambuches’ and ‘ranchitos’ with leaves and tree branches. A knowledge that now, in the midst of her journey through the jungle, was decisive.

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