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Petro Government will not sign a new contract to produce passports – news

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Petro Government will not sign a new contract to produce passports – news

Citizens will not be affected in the processing of that document, stated Foreign Minister (E) Luis Gilberto Murillo.

In the midst of the scandal aroused in the Foreign Ministry by the contract for the preparation of passports, which led to the suspension by the Attorney General’s Office of Chancellor Álvaro Leyva, for alleged irregularities in that process; for the 30 million pesos that Leyva himself said he had given to an extortionist in exchange for information from the firm Thomas Greg & Sons, money that according to the former secretary general of the Foreign Ministry, José Antonio Salazar, came from the Casa de Nariño; the dismissal of Salazar, by President Petro, for having delivered the tender for $600,000 million to Thomas Greg, among other problems, this Tuesday it was known that the Government of ‘Change’, through Chancellor (E) Luis Gilberto Murillo, will not sign the contract to award the production of passports based on the proposal presented.

“We have said that we are not going to sign a new contract that has originated in situations that we consider irregular,” said the chancellor (e) in an interview with the news Avanza el Cambio and confirmed that “citizens must be calm, they will not have “no affectation on their passports.”

He explained that, in the administrative process initiated to prepare the document, “some criteria that we proposed as a Government were not followed, and that is the plurality of bidders, and obviously transparency and competition in this process.”

“It is perceived that specifications were made that did not really guarantee competition. That’s where all the controversy that exists today originated.

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“Inadequate administrative decisions were made,” the official said, adding that, “under these conditions, it is a process that must be reviewed.”

According to Murillo, the Foreign Ministry sent inquiries to the Legal Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, to the National Legal Defense Agency of the State and to Colombia Compra Eficiente. “And based on that we will follow the path to be able to guarantee that we reach a solution that is acceptable and that is the one that most benefits Colombians,” he said.

Finally, he indicated that they seek to “handle this with great heights and with great respect for all those involved.”

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