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Petro insists that the marches are the way to approve reforms

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Petro insists that the marches are the way to approve reforms

The reforms that he wants to approve National government start the home stretch and Gustavo Petro He knows that he must find a way for Congress to approve them and thus give continuity to the government plan that he proposed in the campaign and for which he was elected at the country’s polls.

Despite the fact that some of them, such as the tax, were approved in record time in the Congress of the Republic, even the labor, pension and health reforms have some gaps that have made congressmen hesitate to approve them, removing the support they had when were generated in the first place.

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However, for Petro One of the solutions that can be generated is to use the marches as a help mechanism so that the political parties begin to change their thinking about the reforms, which according to the president, have several detractors in Congress.

“We do not have a majority in Congress. Here comes the first difficulty, which is building a majority coalition, where our strength is importantbut it needs others that are no longer so advanced, so progressive”, commented Petro, in an interview with ‘La slate’.

Petro’s proposal for approval of reforms

The President of the Republic invited Colombians to demonstrate and give their voice of encouragement to the reforms, so that they have a chance to be approved by congressmen, especially from traditional political parties that have demonstrated against the same.

Gustavo Petro published draft energy public service policy

Last Good Friday, the President Gustavo Petro published the link of the draft of the project that seeks to modify the ways in which the energy service provider for the country is selected, which are described in Decree 1073 of 2015, with which policies and guidelines for efficiency have been established and competitiveness of the electric power service.

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Through his Twitter account, the Colombian president published a trill with the draft of the project, which seeks that citizens can send their comments about it, until April 16, 2023, in order to send it to the approval of the competent entities.

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