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Petro on health of children found in the jungle

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Petro on health of children found in the jungle

President Gustavo Petro released details of the state of health of the four minors found after 40 days missing in the jungle.

After an intense search carried out by indigenous communities and the Military Forces, it was possible to find the four children who were missing for 40 days after the accident of the aircraft in which they were traveling.

President Gustavo Petro highlighted the joint work of the indigenous communities and the military forces in finding the children. He affirmed that they were alone and that their survival during all that time. Petro called them the “children of Peace.”

In San José del Guaviare, the children are receiving medical assistance due to their state of weakness and dehydration, according to reports. They are undergoing medical examination and it will be determined if it is necessary to transfer them to Bogotá or Villavicencio, depending on the recommendations of the doctors.

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President Petro expressed his emotion for the discovery of the children and shared that days after he had the opportunity to speak with the grandfather, Fidencio, who mentioned that the fate of the children was in the hands of the jungle, and that it was finally jungle returned them.

This story in the midst of pain has brought joy and hope to everyone involved in the search and to the community at large.

Wilson, the 5-year-old Belgian shepherd trained in search and rescue, has not yet been located, according to President Petro himself.

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It is worth mentioning that the canine Wilson was key to finding the minors, finding traces left by the minors in their wake.

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