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Petro proposes the purchase of coca leaf

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Petro proposes the purchase of coca leaf

Gustavo Petro once again launches a controversial proposal in the midst of the dynamics that are taking place in the country to work for the replacement of the illegal trade of coca leaf in Colombia.

Right in a meeting in Cesar’s department, the president launched a strategy called Peace Fabric with which he sought to bring a series of strategies to boost the economy in that department.

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With Petro’s proposal, they would be looking for a use of the coca leaf to use it as fertilizer. With this, strategies would be planned to work on the infrastructure for said production.

“And that is done with research and technology and the form has already been invented. The Government proposes at the national level in the regions with the highest production of coca leaf used in another way, to set up factories to buy that coca leaf and turn it into carbonless fertilizer, decarbonized fertilizer, or if we want another word, ‘biofertilizers’”, said the first president.

With this, the National Government plans a series of strategies with the community and with education from SENA so that they are trained in the production of this type of fertilizer.

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“So, I propose to SENA to see if with the Government we can put these industrial complexes of cooperatives, indigenous peoples and neighbors, in order to use the coca leaf in a different way, which is to produce fertilizer for food in Colombia, zero carbon. , that is, in the conditions that are needed in the 21st century”, assured the president.

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