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Petro spoke out about the tanker scandal and the departure of Olmedo López

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Petro spoke out about the tanker scandal and the departure of Olmedo López

After Olmedo López resigned from his position as director of the Ungrd (National Unit for Disaster Risk Management) in the midst of the scandal over alleged corruption in the contracting of tank trucks to bring drinking water to La Guajira, President Gustavo Petro resigned. He referred for the first time to the departure of the current former official and the controversy that has been generated around his management.

From Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, where President Petro arrived to participate in the VIII Summit of Celac (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States), the Colombian leader finally spoke about the departure of the now former director of the Ungrd, for alleged cost overruns in the acquisition of water tankers for La Guajira.

In dialogue with the media accompanying him at the Summit, the head of state indicated that the corresponding authorities will be in charge of verifying the allegations against Olmedo López, and establishing the respective sanctions against the current former official.

“There were rumors and these always bring clues. But, undoubtedly, journalistic investigation is good. It is up to the judicial and disciplinary investigative authorities to establish the facts and hear their version,” said President Petro.

Regarding the departure of Olmedo López as director of the Risk Management Unit, the national leader expressed that it was not healthy to have questioned people in charge of the management of public resources.

“It is not healthy for the national administration to keep people so questioned in terms of the management of the resource,” added President Gustavo Petro.

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López is accused of, in an attempt to comply with the presidential order to bring drinking water to La Guajira, having acquired at least forty tank trucks with an evident extra cost in their price. In addition, the vehicles obtained by the Ungrd had delays in starting to operate.

“The @petrogustavo government awarded a contract of more than 46 billion pesos to a paper company. I attach the invoice that shows that this is the first time that Impoamericana Roger SAS issues an electronic invoice to the Tax Directorate,” W Radio journalist Paula Bolívar denounced at the time.

Due to these allegations, both the Attorney General’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office opened an investigation, and even the Transparency Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic assured that they denounced Olmedo López and that they would forward to the investigating entity everything they found about him. that contract.

The filing of the complaint was confirmed by the same Secretary of Transparency, Andrés Idárraga, who assured – in statements collected by the newspaper El Espectador – that “a criminal complaint had been filed against director Olmedo, his two deputy directors and several businessmen linked to the tanker contract.”

“I am also proceeding to file a complaint for the same facts before the Attorney General’s Office and the Comptroller’s Office,” added Idárraga.

The resignation of Olmedo López

In the midst of the scandal that was unleashed by the complaints against him, Olmedo López presented his resignation letter to President Gustavo Petro on the afternoon of Thursday, March 29, 2024. In the letter, the now former official assured that he would demonstrate his “transparent” actions. ”.

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“I thank you in advance for the gesture of trust that you had in your dignity towards this servant in accompanying him in the project of transformation of the State that you preside over,” says one of the initial sections of the letter.

And he adds: “I have made the decision to present irrevocable resignation from my position, so that the questions I face today do not muddy the anti-corruption flags that this political project wields.”

The document ends with Olmedo assuring his “full certainty and conviction” that he will “more than demonstrate my transparent actions, in each of the actions.” “Perhaps my lack of experience in the public sphere was my great weakness, but not the ability to restore rights to the victims and bring life hope to the Wayuu children, with water in La Guajira,” he stated. With Infobae

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