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Petro’s controversial response due to insulin shortage

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Petro’s controversial response due to insulin shortage

On the afternoon of this Friday, February 23, President Gustavo Petro swore in the new Superintendent of Health, former councilor Luis Carlos Leal. There in the middle of the formal ceremony, the president made several statements that caused controversy in political sectors and public opinion.

Among them, one in which he referred to the shortage of insulin that the country has, since according to the governor, this hormone is being used for other, more aesthetic purposes, than for what its function really is within diabetic patients.

“People using the health system to lose weight through insulin, while diabetics have no control. The new EPS 70% of affiliated diabetics have no control. Well, obviously, at the same time they demand more and more services and die. Aberrations that cannot continue any longer,” stated Petro.

Reglón continued to criticize those who oppose his preventive health system that he wants to implement, and added that there are EPS that already want to implement his proposal:

“I cannot understand the opposition other than from people who are defending greed above human life. Let’s give it a while, a private EPS, one of the best, has come to tell us, let’s implement the model”.

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