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Pharmaceutical company Mithra receives legal protection

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The Liège corporate court has granted the ailing Walloon pharmaceutical company Mithra, which specializes in women’s health products, legal protection for two branches. Mithra reported this in a press release on Monday morning. The protective measures will be in force for two months, until June 19.

Source: BELGA

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The court gave the green light for a transfer procedure under judicial authority for the Mithra CDMO department in Flémalle, as Mithra requested at the end of last month. In such a procedure there is protection against creditors and the court appoints a legal representative who looks for a buyer for the company in difficulties or for parts of it.

For its Novalon subsidiary, Mithra receives approval for a judicial reorganization procedure in order to reach an amicable agreement with its creditors and restructure Novalon’s debt.

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