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Piedmont: swine fever, the government order arrives: stop hunting, trekking and mushroom picking

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On the case of African swine fever comes the joint ordinance of the ministries of health and agriculture. In the text, which will be in force in 114 municipalities, of which 78 Piedmontese and 36 Ligurians, hunting, trekking, mountain biking, fishing and the collection of truffles and mushrooms in infected areas are prohibited. The only exceptions concern activities related to health, to the care of kept and wild animals and plants, in addition to selection hunting which can be authorized by the regional bodies at the request of those directly concerned.

The measure became necessary in Piedmont after three dead wild boars were found in the Alessandria area last weekend, found to be sick with African swine fever in the laboratory. Today the regional emergency table on the subject organized by the Piedmont Councilor for Agriculture Marco Protopapa is planned, together with the prefects of Piedmont, the presidents of the provinces, the forest police and hunting associations.

Swine fever alarm, wild boar killed by the virus in Ovada in the Alessandria area: first case in Italy

To express satisfaction is Coldiretti who nevertheless criticizes the inadequate containment measures of ungulates: “The timely adoption of the provision that allows production activities to continue to work safely, providing reassurance on exports is important,” says the president of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, commenting on the signing of the ordinance of the health ministers, Roberto Speranza, and of agricultural policies, Stefano Patuanelli, to stop the spread of African swine fever.

“We are forced to face this emergency – continues Prandini – because the prevention and containment action has been lacking, as we have repeatedly reported in the streets and in institutional offices in the face of the multiplication of wild boars that invade cities and countryside from north to south of Italy where there are now more than 2.3 million specimens. Now it is important to monitor, in addition to health, even against market speculation to protect farmers and the economic and employment system “.

“Swine fever, here are the dangers and consequences”: speaks Dondo, veterinarian of the Zooprophylactic

by Mariachiara Giacosa

Exports of pork and by-products made in Italy, Coldiretti explains, amount to a total of 1.7 billion in the world “but it should be emphasized that over 60% is destined for European Union countries which, recognizing the principle of regionalization, provide for any blocks only from the delimited municipalities, where moreover the breeding activity is very limited. A similar behavior, however, has also been adopted by countries such as the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada where the majority of exports outside the EU are directed for similar cases which occurred in Germany, Belgium and Eastern countries “. For this – continues Coldiretti – it is now important to take diplomatic action to formalize this orientation and not penalize the supply chain “.

“Now we need immediately – asks Prandini – synergistic action on several fronts also with the appointment of a commissioner able to coordinate the activities of the prefects and the police and compensate for any economic damage to businesses. need to launch common initiatives at European level because – concludes Prandini – the high risk of an uncontrolled influx of exemplary plague bearers depends on the fragility of the country’s natural borders “.

However, there is also controversy over the provision of the two ministries, which starts from the Ligurian tourism sector. “The prolonged closure, we are talking about six months, of entire mountain territories to important activities such as hiking, mountain biking, equestrian tourism, mushroom research – says Roberto Costa, coordinator of Federparchi Liguria – risks turning into a new lockdown for a Ligurian hinterland. already heavily affected by two years of pandemic, which led to the closure of businesses whose income came from the presence of outdoor tourism “.

The Beigua and Antola parks are involved in Liguria. Federparchi asks the Liguria Region to take an active part in seeking less penalizing solutions and that refreshments are provided for the damaged activities as happened for bars, restaurants, gyms and discos during the closures for Covid 19.

Costa, recalling that “a critical situation has been reached due to the widespread presence of wild boars and the absence of effective solutions for the control of the species”, asks “that the restrictive measures to pedestrian and bicycle mobility be as temporary as possible and provisional, and that they are graded by level of territorial risk and guarantees of practice in safety, for example avoiding total closures and indicating requirements such as the obligation to follow the marked paths, not bring dogs, allow access to controlled groups, guided and numerically limited, in particular if directed to specific destinations such as shelters, other reception facilities, environmental, historical and architectural assets “.


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