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Pieve di Cadore nautical club, the redevelopment project ran aground

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Pieve di Cadore nautical club, the redevelopment project ran aground

The Municipality had bought a land with a stable annex for the various activities but did not follow up on an intervention included in the project to relaunch the lake

PIEVE DI CADORE. Now or never. In the process of tourist revitalization of the lake of Centro Cadore, the nautical club of Pieve plays a leading role. Already at the center of a redevelopment project, started by the Municipality with the acquisition of land with a stable annex, for the club the opportunity to restart momentum could be offered by the assignment of the 2026 Winter Olympics.

“The redevelopment of the club is a fundamental step if you really want to relaunch boating on the lake of Centro Cadore”, underlined the president Pierpaolo Tabacchi, “the thanks to the Municipality of Pieve is a must for having believed in buying the land and the building on which it was thought of giving rise to the renewed circle. Now we are confidently awaiting the next steps, convinced that in view of 2026 the operation of the only nautical club on the lake of Centro Cadore would be a valid tourist flywheel as well as an equally important incentive to practice water sports, especially for younger people “.

The nautical club of Pieve experienced an initial period of splendor, which coincided with a large number of members, over a hundred. Then the slow but inexorable decline to the present day in which the only founding members, seven, remained to carry on the shack. Yet, despite the difficulties, no one on the banks of Miralago intends to raise the white flag.

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“We brought for the first time the Sup (variant of surfing that is practiced standing on a board without a sail, ndr) in Centro Cadore, enjoying great success “, proudly says the president Tabacchi,” is still widely practiced today even if the big news is represented by the wing foil, which is on the rise among water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. The club is also equipped with a good number of optimists, small single sail boats used to initiate young and old to boating ».

The means are not lacking, therefore; but you need a structure that rewards ideas and efforts.

«A redevelopment project for the current club has been standing for some time», Tabacchi continues, «in the building purchased by the Municipality of Pieve it was decided to house the storage of boats but also to create spaces for teaching and practice. All this would allow us to develop a broader and more professional activity. The structured club would represent a new job opportunity for the area without forgetting that in a coordinated way the activity on the lake would become longer, from May to October, and therefore profitable ».

According to the club’s redevelopment project, there are no shortage of additional difficulties in boating on the lake.

“Lamination is a problem for us”, concludes Tabacchi, “it would be enough for us to have satisfactory water levels at least until the end of August, instead from mid-month the levels have started to drop drastically, forcing us to stop just when summer is experiencing its highlight. . Certainly an important input to the revitalization of the lake will go from the construction of the new cycle and pedestrian path but also from the redevelopment of the Domegge campsite ».

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