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Pilosio acquired by the Venetian company Euroedile: the world giant of scaffolding is born

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Pilosio di Tavagnacco and its workers are safe. The historic steel and aluminum scaffolding company, on the outskirts of Udine, will resurrect thanks to an industrial plan worth over 8 million euros and the acquisition by the Treviso-based Euroedile which now aims to become a world leader by regaining market shares in the North Africa, the United States and Canada, South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia.

The turning point took place on July 26th when Euroedile was awarded the competitive procedure announced by the Court of Udine for the Friulian company put into liquidation. A solution that will not only give work continuity to all employees, but will revolutionize the production of the Pilosio brand through new construction technologies, capable of lowering production costs.

The cost of the acquisition is 3,500,000 euros but a further immediate investment of 5 million euros is expected within the year. The operation received the approval of the FVG Region.

“We will bring a breath of“ new air ”not only by strengthening the historic Pilosio production, but by implementing the range with innovative materials and new products. All this – says Nereo Parisotto, Sole Director of Euroedile – will allow companies that rely on the Pilosio brand to work better, with more speed and greater safety. To our credit we have 35 years of experience made of field work but above all of engineering studies carried out by Euroedile technicians who have allowed us to create works that others would not have been able sometimes even to think. – reiterates Parisotto.

The cost of the acquisition is 3,500,000 euros but a further immediate investment of 5,000,000 euros is expected within the year to restart the company through a very detailed industrial plan that goes from the reorganization of production processes to the maintenance of machinery and plants, up to the acquisition of the necessary raw materials. By smoothing out the discontent and dissensions that have grown in recent years with the main sector suppliers.

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“When I started my first steps in the construction world – comments Nereo Parisotto – Pilosio was an institution in the sector. I could not allow a company so important, and in a region so dear to me, to close. And as I have understood the institutions and workers’ representatives. First of all, I would like to thank the Department of Productive Activities of the FVG Region and the Regional FIM-Cisl who with the Municipal Administration of Tavagnacco have given us all the necessary support to conclude this important operation that will allow us to create an all-Italian excellence. which will be able to deal in a synergistic way not only with the national market but with the global one ”concludes Nereo Parisotto.

The new Triveneto group will divide its headquarters between Postioma and Tavagnacco and the maintenance of the historic Friulian brand will be guaranteed, which has always been recognized as a synonym for high quality Italian production in scaffolding and formwork.

“A godsend” commented by many in Tavagnacco, especially the workers.

“We are highly satisfied with the positive outcome of the entire dispute, a complex negotiation constantly monitored also by the Region and the relevant departments – says the FIM-CISL Regional Secretary Pasquale Stasio – The one achieved, with the acquisition by Euroedile , is an important result that saves a historical reality in the province of Udine with ample potential, and which safeguards all the jobs of the employees currently in force.

An injection of confidence and hope not only for the Pilosio workers and their families, but for the entire Friulian industrial fabric which, in a complicated period, manages to find extremely positive news.

We hope that this acquisition will be the first step for a quick return to the glories that the company has experienced in the past and that have made it known all over the world.

We are also happy that after many years in which this company has been in the hands of investment funds and in the hands of managers who have conducted it up to the agreement, a real Italian entrepreneur has arrived with whom we will be able to deal with “.

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Founded in 1961 by Roberto and Gianfranco Pillosio in Feletto Umberto north of Udine, since 2009 Pilosio was in great difficulty. Failing to overcome the weaknesses on the Italian market in the challenges of the foreign scenario, it had recently passed from the arrangement with creditors to liquidation, but thanks also to the synergy implemented also with the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, now the happy ending.

“A praise to the entrepreneurial initiative of Mr. Nereo Parisotto who presented a serious and structured plan to relaunch Pilosio – says the Regional Councilor for Productive Activities of Friuli Venezia Giulia Sergio Emidio Bini – Together with the Councilor for Labor Alessia Rosolen we have followed step by step the evolution of the situation and we can proudly say that this happy ending is the result of teamwork between those who tenaciously wanted to carry out a serious entrepreneurial project to relaunch an important production activity, together with the institutions, the workers and to trade union representatives. In continuity with the important history of Pilosio, I believe there could not have been a better solution for its relaunch, first of all appreciating the seriousness shown by Nereo Parisotto and the sensitivity he has shown towards the company’s human capital. these premises we are delighted to be able to collaborate in the development of the initiative linked to the historic regional brand ”concludes Councilor Bini.

“I must express, on behalf of the whole community, the greatest satisfaction for the news of the acquisition of the Pilosio company by the Euroedile company – comments the mayor of Tavagnacco Moreno Lirutti – Pilosio, excellence in his field, has marked the life and economic development of this community bringing with honor to the whole world its skills and achievements and also the name of Tavagnacco. For this and for the concern linked to the preservation of a significant number of jobs that give security and prosperity to many of our families we have, with the Councilor for Productive Activities Giovanni Cucci and with the whole Tavagnacco Administration, followed with great attention all the phases of this long and complex negotiation and now we are finally able to look to the future of Pilosio with well-founded optimism – continues the mayor of Tavagnacco – As far as I have been able to document “Euroedile” is a solid company, with a history and creations of great value, leader in its sector and with great development prospects. I can only renew my most sincere and enthusiastic thanks to Mr. Nereo Parisotto, whom I hope to meet soon here in the Municipality of Tavagnacco, and to all those who, with different roles, have worked for this result with a particular thought to all the workers of the Pilosio who can now look to the future with confidence and renewed commitment ”concludes the mayor of Tavagnacco.

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The Pilosio headquarters in Tavagnacco in the province of Udine covers a total area of ​​45,000 square meters of which 24,000 are covered. Pilosio is an international company: in addition to a widespread presence throughout the country, the Friulian company is strongly projected towards foreign markets with particular reference to North Africa, the United States and Canada, South America, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Russia, which produces steel and aluminum scaffolding, formwork, shoring and structures for the show.

Euroedile was born in 1986 and has 110 employees, with a turnover of 15,000,000 euros in 2020. It works in the field of traditional, electric and multidirectional scaffolding. Over the years the company has specialized in the sale, rental, assembly and related services for small, medium and large scaffolding in Italy and abroad.

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