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Pirate concert in Olbia, Salmo investigated

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The owner of the Ferris wheel is also involved. They will be questioned on September 29th

OLBIA. Salmo is now formally investigated by the Temple Prosecutor’s Office for the unauthorized concert with a maxi gathering on August 13th. Investigated with him, Kevin Lupetti, owner of the Ferris wheel under which the stage where the rapper from Olbia had been set up, a concert followed by thousands of people who had crowded into the area of ​​the state concession on which the “Maestosa ”, At the Brin pier. The accusations. Maurizio Pisciottu, aka Salmo, and Kevin Lupetti are accused, in competition with each other, of having organized a show “in the presence of about 3500 people without giving notice, at least three days before, to the Commissioner” and of having kept it “although without the ‘authorization from the local public safety authority’. Concert, in short, the organization of which was neither communicated nor authorized by the commissioner, with violation of the Consolidated Law on public safety laws (contravention, that is, belonging to the category of lesser seriousness).

Full article and other features in the newspaper on newsstands and in its digital version

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