Home News Pisapia, the left-wing lawyer who defeated Moratti in 2011 (and that the left would like to be a candidate)

Pisapia, the left-wing lawyer who defeated Moratti in 2011 (and that the left would like to be a candidate)

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Pisapia, the left-wing lawyer who defeated Moratti in 2011 (and that the left would like to be a candidate)

From 6 November, that is, from the announcement that Letizia Moratti is a candidate of the Third Pole for the regional in Lombardy, the pressing on Giuliano Pisapia because you are a candidate for the center-left at the Pirellone. His name was out long ago, and he dropped it. And still today he is oriented not to run, even if – to use the words of those who know him – the possibility of applying for the Pirellone has gone from “impossible” to “improbable”taking into account that now at stake there is not only the leadership of the Region but also the keeping of the Democratic Party.

The 2011 victory over Moratti

Pisapia, 73, an independent MEP, is considered the best candidate to fight in the Regionals next year. In 2011 he succeeded in bringing Milan back under the leadership of the left after 18 years: he surprisingly defeated his own Letizia Moratti, then outgoing mayor. Now he would be able to bring together the different souls of progressives.

The progressive x mayor of Milan, for now, says nothing. To speak are the social networks. The hypothesis of a new electoral challenge between Pisapia and Moratti, after that of the municipal ones in Milan in 2011, has heated the comments. “I have a dream. Pisapia “,” the Democratic Party should come out of a coma and focus on a profile with a strong identity. A name? Giuliano Pisapia », are some of the comments on twitter where many remember (and repost the video) in which she accused him of being a car thief, accusations later denied.

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Criminal and MEP

Lawyer, six brothers, Mickey Mouse lover and son of art (his father was the famous criminal lawyer Gian Domenico, one of the fathers of the 1989 Code of Criminal Procedure), Pisapia began his professional activity only at the age of 30, and followed important trials: among these, the one known as dirty Toghe (defendants Cesare Previti, judges Squillante and Metta and others). in which he was a civil party on behalf of Carlo de Benedetti. He was the lawyer of the family of Carlo Giuliani, the boy who died during the G8 in Genoa.

He approached politics through social commitment, boy scout, Red Cross stretcher bearer and “mud angel” after the flood in Florence, therefore as a militant of student protest groups. In 1996 he was elected as an independent deputy on the Communist Refoundation lists (in that legislature he was president of the Justice commission). In 2001 he was re-elected as a deputy. In 2010 he won the primary of the center-left (supported by Sel and the Federation of the left), and became the candidate of the coalition: he beats the outgoing mayor Moratti. In 2016, however, he renounces to reapply and commits himself to a national project – a progressive camp – for a center-left coalition. An attempt that fails. In 2019 he accepts the proposal of the then secretary of the Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti and is a candidate for the European elections.

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