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Planes, Easter bleeding: the island costs more than the USA

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Planes, Easter bleeding: the island costs more than the USA

Last minute at a weight of gold, up to 400 euros for a flight from Milan or Rome

SASSARI. Easter with whoever you want but, why not, also with yours. However, if the reunification is last minute and “yours” live in Sardinia, then perhaps it is better to do two calculations before buying the plane ticket. A little because, as meteorologists say, “the fate of Easter week is in the hands of a Mediterranean vortex” and it is still not clear if it will be very hot or if it will rain heavily, but above all because for non-residents in Sardinia a ticket plane to the island bought under Easter costs when a flight to New York. This is not a way of saying, as demonstrated by the simulations that can be carried out on the Ita-Airways and Volotea websites: to leave on 12 April from Milan to Olbia with Volotea, the last-minute traveler must enter the order of ideas to pay 339 euros for a one way ticket. If you then check in a baggage, the price rises and touches 400 euros, 396 euros to be precise. On the same day, a one-way Milan-New York flight with Ita-Airways in economy costs 346 euros, with one baggage in the hold you get to 396.81. Just 81 hundredths of a difference which is unlikely to cover a discrepancy of about 5,800 kilometers. Then it is true that for the return from New York Ita-Airways asks at least 320 euros, while Volotea from Easter Monday and until April 20 asks just 29. Differences aside, the situation is dramatic and if the desire to hug loved ones again can challenge the capacity of the wallet, it is really difficult to understand how a tourist can choose the island under these conditions, moreover in the low season.

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