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Plateatici in Treviso, all the OK from the Superintendency. But 15 locals will have to change the dehor

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Plateatici in Treviso, all the OK from the Superintendency.  But 15 locals will have to change the dehor

The current structure of the public citizens will not be changed by the Superintendency. The Municipality announces it, specifying that all the requests for stalls “have been examined and approved” by the historical and artistic protection body. But minimal corrections will have to be implemented, because the Superintendency wants there to be order and uniformity.

Judgment and limits

The one in the Superintendence was an awaited and feared step. It was already done before, but in general ways except for some specific cases near the monuments. This time however, with the five-year renewals and the end of the Covid derogations, the Superintendency wanted to review all the chairs and tables that have arisen in these two years of deregulation almost total. Two days ago a summit was held between the institution, with the architect Rallo, and the Municipality, with managers and councilor. Yesterday tissue papers and “tips” on the contents snaked among the counters. First of all the one on the possibility of having to eliminate folding umbrellas (those with lateral attachment), in favor of smaller ones with a central stick. As well as the possibility of having to remove the covers in winter. Ad hoc measures limited to the historic – monumental – center and above all to some areas such as squares, which were added to the impositions on color and materials of the building regulation (mandatory from 2023). Hence the general agitation which, in mid-afternoon, the administration itself wanted to put an end to with a statement.

“Limited Changes Only”

«The public requests sent to the Superintendency have been authorized, except for some requirements for a limited series of specific and particular cases» explained the commissioner and deputy mayor Andrea De Checchi. About fifteen places that have been forced to review “details”. Which? To someone the color of the tarpaulins, to others the position of the planters or other furnishings, to others the dividers (also unpopular with the regulation).

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«The Municipality and the Superintendency met in recent days to examine some aspects in depth in order to give the latter the broadest guarantees of protection and at the same time guarantee the widest possible performance of the activity for our operators» underlined De Checchi. The fifteen premises that will have to make the changes (essentially before January) will be contacted by the Municipality shortly.

The regulation to be done

Ca’ Sugana continues its work to reach an agreement with the Superintendency to facilitate the procedures related to the request for outdoor seating. The goal is a standard handbook, respecting which it is enough to send a communication to set up everything certain of the institution’s ok which would analyze only some particular requests. “The dialogue is ongoing, de-bureaucratization is a goal.” However, the times are not yet certain.

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