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Playing ‘machines’ they killed a young man in Mareigua

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Playing ‘machines’ they killed a young man in Mareigua

In a store in the Mareigua neighborhood of Valledupar, a young man identified as Alirson David Montero, known in the sector as ‘Chiki’, was murdered by several gunshot wounds.

This violent case occurred this Thursday at noon, and according to witnesses to the crime, the victim was in a gaming and betting ‘machine’ when he was approached by armed men who shot him and left him an AGC sign.

This event altered the tranquility in the sector, where people surrounded the body, until the authorities arrived and cordoned off the area to carry out the respective survey, until it was taken to the morgue.

It was also established that the deceased was dedicated to collecting mangoes and that he also resided in the sector.

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