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Pnlegge, over 110 thousand for the 14th edition – News

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Pnlegge, over 110 thousand for the 14th edition – News

Over 110 thousand visitors have flocked to Pordenone in the last five days for Pordenonelegge, the “book festival with authors”. Definition that could change: the president of the foundation Michelangelo Agrusti and the artistic director Gian Mario Villalta have hinted that it could become the “festival of books and freedom”. Perhaps on the occasion of the next edition, the twenty-fifth, which – geopolitical situation permitting – will kick off with an event in Kiev, as happened in Prague during the last editions.

“We would have liked to start from Kiev this year, but the inauguration of the festival still took place under the sign of tragedy by hosting Kurkov, the greatest living Ukrainian writer” underlined Agrusti.

“Freedom of thought is not only limited by oppressive regimes, but also by the habit of blindly following a dominant thought,” Villalta added. “A party like Pordenonelegge aims precisely to stimulate reflection through dialogues that contrast a plurality of ideas”.

“This edition was that of the definitive rebirth after the pandemic. In truth, we never stopped, but this year the numbers and ways of using the spaces have returned to those we knew until 2019” he further specified Citrus fruits.

“We have reopened places that in previous years, due to Covid, had remained closed due to difficulty of access or small size. This year the city was visited in all directions” echoed Villalta.

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