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Pnrr, 13 goals out of 51 implemented. The government evaluates measures to accelerate

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Thirteen out of 51 NRP objectives have been implemented. And the government evaluates measures to accelerate. During the Council of Ministers, the Undersecretary to the Presidency, Roberto Garofoli, and the Minister of Economy and Finance, Daniele Franco, gave the first information on the monitoring and the state of implementation of the measures envisaged by the PNRR in 2021.
The targets to be achieved for the current year are 51, distinguished between reforms and investments, with the specification as regards the latter that, by investments, we also mean the adoption of primary and secondary legislation or administrative acts aimed at regulating specific sectors and on which the usability of financial resources dedicated to lines of intervention depends. The 51 targets are divided into 24 investments and 27 reforms to be adopted. Of the 51 measures, 13 objectives were achieved.
More specifically, with regard to investments, as of 22 September, 5 have already been defined, equal to 21% of the total. For all the rest, the implementation procedures have already been started. As regards the reforms, 8 reforms have been defined, equal to 30% of the total, they are already defined; the approval process is already underway for the other 19.

The next steps

A request will be forwarded to the Administrations to send as soon as possible to the competent structures of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Economy and Finance a precise plan for the adoption of reforms and for the completion of the interventions to be implemented by 31 December next, in order to allow constant monitoring of the specific steps to be respected in pursuing the objectives.

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Enabling standards

Furthermore, it is necessary that the Ministries send the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – DAGL and the Ministry of Economy and Finance as soon as possible further proposals of enabling enforcing rules deemed necessary, according to their respective competences, to continue with the implementation. of the PNRR. Following the request of some Administrations, the Government is, in fact, evaluating the adoption of one or more measures, in which to bring together all the rules deemed necessary by the Administrations to simplify and accelerate the adoption of the measures of the PNRR.

Convocation of the control room

In the coming weeks, sectoral control booths will be convened with the participation of Ministers identified on the basis of the areas to be explored. A control room will follow in which the regions, local authorities and other subjects will participate. Each Minister must send a document that will be briefly illustrated during the session of the control room with the state of progress of the set of reforms and projects of the PNRR referring to the 5 days prior to the convocation date of the control room. to the relevant Administration, with a particular focus on those whose implementation is expected in 2021 and in the first half of 2022; approach that each Minister deems to follow with reference to the main and most important projects of their respective competence; identification of any obstacles and criticalities encountered with regard to reforms and projects owned by the relevant Administrations.

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