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Pnrr, consultancy and hiring up to 10% of the cost of the projects

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From this point of view, the circular effectively equates “owners” and “implementers”, thus allowing local authorities to proceed by directly charging the expenditure in the economic framework of the project.

Positive opinion of the Anci

“All our requests have been accepted”, summarizes the president of Anci Antonio Decaro. Thus the main bureaucratic obstacle on the road of the approximately 15 thousand fixed-term contracts made possible by the extra expenses allowed by the conversion law of the November decree on the Pnrr (article 31-bis of Legislative Decree 152/2021) goes out; expenses which, however, remain the responsibility of local budgets, with the exception of those financed by the 30 million reserved for small municipalities, and which must obtain the certification of the auditors on the absence of risks for the balance of accounts.

But the horizon covered by the indications of the Accounting department goes beyond the local authorities to dictate the indications valid for all public recruitment. And it sets the general boundaries of the expenses that can be financed by the Recovery; that they will not be able to finance “technical assistance” (preparation, monitoring, control, audit and evaluation, in particular: studies, analyzes, administrative support activities to the operating structures, information and communication actions, consultation of stakeholders and computer processing networks and exchange of information) nor the costs of the internal administrative structures involved in «activation, monitoring, reporting and control of the NRP interventions».

In no case can personnel costs already in the organic plan be covered, because the Pnrr resources are reserved for new fixed-term hires and external assignments for activities directly connected to the Pnrr projects.

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