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Podcast: We have too many meetings!

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Podcast: We have too many meetings!

The old and new role of meetings

Meetings – a phenomenon of the modern working world that, if you look at it soberly, creates as many problems as it solves, at least. Nevertheless, meetings are often simply taken for granted, often with a fair amount of resignation. True to the motto: “Wat mutt, dat mutt” – in other words: meetings are necessary and part of it.

And so people sit in one meeting after another – an hour here, 30 minutes there, with a particularly “urgent” spontaneous meeting in between, plus the regular team meetings – and in the afternoon we sometimes ask ourselves what we actually did today. Quite a few team members have to reserve extra meeting-free focus times in their calendar in order to get anything done.

Has the pandemic changed anything about that? Not really, because ultimately the countless physical face-to-face meetings were simply relocated to the virtual space. The old form of synchronous communication has been replaced by a new form of synchronous communication. This has led to the crazy development that the number of meetings has actually increased in some teams due to the easy availability!

Effective approaches to meeting madness

Meetings still play an outstanding role in working life – reason enough to examine the topic in detail and from different perspectives in a podcast series. This has happened Florian Schneider with Noah Bani-Harouni and Nils Moeller assembled by Zelvor.

In the first part, Flo and his guests look at the history of meetings and discuss how it actually came about that so many personal meetings take place in companies and teams. The effects of Corona on this form of coordination and the changes in the working world due to the trend towards hybrid meetings are also discussed.

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What are meetings anyway and how should they ideally proceed? What undesirable aspects do they have and what possible solutions are there? What significance does asynchronous collaboration have in the daily meeting madness? What tools should teams try for truly effective meetings? The podcast provides answers and inspiration:

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Asynchronous collaboration solutions

Would you like to know more about how Atlassian’s tools support asynchronous communication and help effectively combat the meeting madness in your company? Then get in touch with us! Our specialist team will be happy to talk to you about your use cases and requirements and show you what Jira, Confluence and Co. can do to relieve your teams and make communication more effective.

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