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Pogno and Pella mourn Daniel: he was 35 years old and worked at the Imbarcadero restaurant

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Daniel didn’t make it after months of fighting cancer. Great condolences in the whole area of ​​Lake Orta, where he was well known, led to the death of Daniel Cocco, 35 years old. He lived with his family in Pogno, in via Cremosina, and worked as a waiter in Pella, at the Imbarcadero restaurant. Originally from Sardinia, from the Carbonia area, Cocco, as his brother Simone tells us, «was enthusiastic about the work he was doing, and he felt very comfortable on Lake Orta. He also had two great passions, one for engines and cars, and one for ships. As soon as he could, he attended the great exhibitions where the new models could be admired. Daniel was an affable person who, even when he learned of the serious illness that had struck him, never lost heart or discouraged ».

His employer, the owner of the Imbarcadero restaurant, Antonio Ianni, remembers him: «Even a year ago we were here at the restaurant laughing and joking, then the very hard path of the disease began. Daniel was an angel, and I’m not saying this out of rhetoric, but because he was a really good person, generous, of a rare availability. The customers all knew him and appreciated him for his splendid character. I have lost not only a very good employee, but a sincere friend ».

The funeral tomorrow
Daniel Cocco leaves his mother Jose and father Alessandro. The funeral will be celebrated tomorrow in the parish church of San Pietro Apostolo in Pogno immediately after the rosary, which has been set for 10.30.m.g.

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