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Police checks in the Bronx district of Pordenone: 94 people identified, are mainly children

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Police checks in the Bronx district of Pordenone: 94 people identified, are mainly children

Ninety-four people identified, two reports to the Prefecture for drug use, seven syringes found and elements useful for identifying people involved in soiling on the walls. This is the balance sheet of the sweeping checks carried out by the local police of Pordenone – Cordenons yesterday Thursday 12 August.

As part of the checks aimed at Urban Security and anti-degradation, the Local Police of Pordenone – Cordenons carried out a capillary and in-depth check of the sensitive areas of the city. In particular Piazzetta del Portello, where in recent days episodes of urban decay had been reported with young boys intent on disturbing passers-by with screams and noises, the historic center, the Querini park and the area of ​​the former fair. A total of ninety-four people, mostly young people between the ages of 14 and 20, were identified and for two of them, the report was sent to the Prefecture.

At the sight of the agents, a subject had immediately seemed agitated, nervous and had staged a little theater out loud to evade controls. When asked by the operators if he held banned substances, he spontaneously delivered a few grams of Hashish. In total, two boys were reported to the Prefect as contractors and the material placed under administrative seizure. Four other very young were burdened by police precedents.

From the stories of some controlled people and from traces left on the walls and on the letters of Pordenonelegge present in Piazzetta del Portello, useful elements were obtained for the probable identification of some graffiti authors. During the investigations, in the area popularly known as the Bronx, five used syringes were found, still equipped with a needle and two others were collected in via Vallona, ​​on the sidewalk. Both areas were being reclaimed.

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An applause for the work of the Local Police came from some shopkeepers in the area who attended the checks and went out to thank the agents for having armored the area with a well-planned organization aimed at guaranteeing safety.

Deputy Mayor Emanuele Loperfido: “My warmest thanks for the activity of the Local Police which, with dedication and perseverance, wisely coordinated, collected the necessary information to carry out this operation effectively, interpreting the wishes of citizens in the best possible way with respect to the role of the institutions: presence, monitoring, identification, to guarantee the serenity and safety that make Pordenone one of the best cities in terms of quality of life. The applause that came from the citizens and exhibitors in the area is testimony to how we must continue along this path, which we will certainly do, even more frequently, if necessary, when soon the Command will be strengthened with 15 new agents “

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