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Police operation in Catanzaro, 18 remain in prison – News

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Police operation in Catanzaro, 18 remain in prison – News

There were two arrests validated by investigating magistrates as part of the Secreta Collis investigation which last Monday led the agents of the Catanzaro Flying Squad to carry out 20 precautionary measures against alleged members of two criminal associations in the capital dedicated to drug trafficking and to the possession of weapons.

Serious indications of guilt were deemed to exist for all the suspects except one, 31-year-old Vittorio Falvo, for whom release from prison was ordered.

18 remain in prison, due to an order from the investigating judge, while one woman, Loredana Ferraro, 33, has been placed under house arrest.

The investigating judge deemed there to be a danger of flight regarding the top members of the associations, namely Domenico Rizza known as Enrico, aged 67, and Marco Riccelli (33). Rizza is considered the leader, promoter and financier of the associations, the one who maintains contact with the Calabrian gangs. Riccelli, together with Vincenzo Rizza (39), is considered Domenico Rizza’s right-hand man.

Domenico Rizza (67 years old), Vincenzo Rizza (39), Marco Riccelli (33), Enrico Emanuele Le Pera (29), Manuel Argirò (42), Massimo Longo (53), Raffaele Iiritano (53), Francesco Agostino remain in prison. (54), Vittorio Gentile (49), Sergio Rubino (46), Giuseppe Caroleo (51), Angelo Posca (53), Salvatore Tedesco (29), Giuseppe Caliò (23), Rosario Nuccio Caliò (38), Andrea Caracciolo ( 40), Giampaolo Tripodi (33), Lorenzo D’Elia (46).

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