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Police recovered motorcycle in commune 10 of Neiva

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Police recovered motorcycle in commune 10 of Neiva

In the midst of searches in the Álvaro Uribe settlement, the authorities managed to recover a motorcycle that had been stolen in the Olaya Herrera neighborhood, also in commune 10.

The motorcycle, stolen from its owners through theft by pulling, was sighted by a citizen who alerted the authorities about its presence. abandoned on public roads. Immediately afterwards, the uniformed CAI Palmas moved to the indicated location to verify the situation.

After carrying out the relevant procedures and verifying the information through the PDA device, it was confirmed that the motorcycle was listed as stolen. With this certainty, the vehicle was recovered, which was subsequently delivered to its legitimate owner so that he could continue using it.

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The Police thanked citizens for their support and reiterated the importance of maintaining communication and joint surveillance to prevent and combat crime. The community is reminded of the availability of the 123 emergency line as a direct channel to report any situation that represents a risk to public safety.

In other events, the Metropolitan Police, through citizen registration and control activities in Fortalecillas, managed in the last few hours to seize marijuana and bazooka.

This is how, through different activities on the Magdalena River pier, more precisely on Carrera 4 and Calle 5, a group of young people is visualized, who upon noticing the presence of the surveillance patrols, flee, abandoning a package.

It contained 186 grams of marijuana and 45 grams of bazooka, which were seized and left at the disposal of the competent authority.

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