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Police seized 553 kilos of marijuana in the south of Bogotá

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Police seized 553 kilos of marijuana in the south of Bogotá

This Friday, March 17, the Bogotá Metropolitan Police managed to deal a heavy blow to drug trafficking in the city thanks to the capture of alias ‘Cate’, who was in charge of the storage and distribution of narcotics in Kennedy and Bosa.

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According to a statement from the institution, the arrest was achieved through the “week for life” operation, carried out by the criminal investigation section (SIJIN) and the police intelligence section (SIPOL) of the Police.

The inhabitants of Kennedy and Bosa alerted the authorities about suspicious movements in vehicles, entry and exit of people and packages of dubious origin, which aroused suspicions about a micro-trafficking network.

In this way, during the capture of alias ‘Cate’ they found 120 packages of marijuana were seized in the same place where the accused slept with his six-year-old daughter.

In total, the prisoner had in his possession 553 kilos of this substance, which came from the department of Cauca and were to be distributed among young people, adolescents, and children in various locations in the capital.

“With this operation, the Bogotá police manage to affect the finances and the criminal intentions of drug trafficking in about 2,212,000,000 pesos due to the distribution in doses that were seen being marketed in schools, parks, residential areas, in public spaces and in nightlife areas,” said the Police.

So far this year, 1,722 arrests have been made for trafficking and manufacturing of different psychoactive substances and 762 kilos of narcotics have been seized, including 580 kilos of marijuana, 20 kilos of coca base, 82 kilos of bazuco and 80 kilos of cocaine

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They capture 20 people for homicide in Bogotá

In the morning of this Wednesday, March 15, the Bogotá Metropolitan Police announced that, through the ‘Plan Cazador’, sThe capture of 20 people involved in different types of homicides was achieved.

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According to reports, 10 of these cases were due to fights in the towns of Suba, Ciudad Bolívar, Antonio Nariño, Kennedy, Bosa and San Cristóbal. In most of the homicides there was consumption of alcoholic beverages and eight of these were perpetrated with a knife.

Several of those indicated would have notes in their court records for crimes such as personal injury, domestic violence, illegal possession of firearms and possession of narcotics.

Likewise, in this operation the alleged murderer of patrolman Víctor Alfonso Torres was captured during a robbery on February 17 in the town of Engativá.

Besideseight of the people who were arrested would have been involved in hit men in the towns of Engativá, Usaquén and Ciudad Bolívar; who would belong to the criminal groups ‘Los Niche’, ‘Tres Calaveras’ and ‘Los Camilos’.

As for the alleged femicide, the man was captured for allegedly murdering his partner with a sharp weapon in the town of Sumapaz, who already had a criminal record for domestic violence.

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“This is a Police strategy to guarantee the lives of citizens in the capital. The captures are made by court order; They are alleged homicides, hitmen and a feminicide, who were left at the disposal of the competent authorities,” the commander of the Metropolitan Police, Brigadier General Carlos Triana, publicly stated.

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In this way, Triana reminded the public that The Police offers up to 10 million pesos as a reward for people who provide information that helps with the clarification and capture of homicide cases in Bogotá.

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