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Policy endorsements are excluded and claims may be expensive

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Policy endorsements are excluded and claims may be expensive

Aunt Xiaoying fell from a height while cleaning at home, and her family rushed to the hospital. The doctor put a plaster cast on her broken right hand bone and kept her in the hospital for three days. Aunt Xiaoying’s son, Daming, applied to the insurance company for medical claims when his mother’s arm was about to heal. Later, when he got the compensation, the insurance company attached a new adjusted policy, adding Xiaoying’s right hand bone to the medical insurance content. Except comments”.

The insurance broker explained to Daming that the insurance company believed that Xiaoying’s broken right hand bone was no longer at the level of health when the policy was added, and that there might be other complications that would require treatment or future surgery and other expenses would be incurred. After the “notification is excluded”, no further application could be made. Claims, on behalf of has been listed as excluded, not covered by the scope of coverage.

The above-mentioned “anti-selling” situation is an insurance broker’s whitewashing of “except for endorsements”. Special attention should also be paid to the fact that “except for endorsements” in the policy does not belong to the scope of compensation for the insurance company. According to statistics from the Insurance and Development Center, the insurance coverage rate of domestic life and annuity insurance in 2021 will be 264.81%, with an average of 2.6 insurance policies per person, but don’t forget that people can only buy insurance when they are in good health, but no one can guarantee that they will stay healthy all the time. For example, Aunt Xiaoying accidentally broke her hand bone, and the insurance policy is excluded. It is the same as cutting the cecum, and it is a disease with a high probability of “recovery” to the original state of health. After the accident, the insurance policy can still be retained.

If the insurance policy held by the public falls ill after many years (more than two years), the insurance broker analyzes that if it is a type of cancer, the policy will become invalid when the claim is applied for, and some insured people think that they suffer from chronic diseases such as high blood pressure. It is true that there is a possibility of “remarks on premiums” if the doctor proves that the “exception for endorsement” is applied for and the policy is retained. If the insured’s physical condition changes to a sub-standard level but does not reach the level of refusal, the insurance company will use it to increase the premium The purpose of this approach is to balance the price of risk. In reality, it is usually quite difficult to remove the “exception” from the policy and restore the policy to its original condition, because the insurance company has the absolute right to make judgments on this part.

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