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Political earthquake in San Giusto, the mayor Boggio resigned

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No one comments and the phones ring empty: mystery about the reasons for the gesture. Deputy Mayor Mennuni: “I don’t know what to say.” But the disagreements would also be with him


Political earthquake in the single-colored council of San Giusto Canavese. The mayor Giosi Boggio, 64, teacher, re-elected in the administrative elections of September 2020, for the fourth non-consecutive term with the “San Giusto civic list”, the only one to stand at the polls, would have resigned following profound disagreements with a part of its majority.

The conditional remains a must: the news spread late yesterday evening, Thursday 18, and the mayor sought several times does not answer the phone.

His deputy Michele Mennuni, hairdresser by profession and long-time municipal administrator, confirms, but postpones the explanation: “I don’t know what to say.” These were his only words. Few to understand such a radical decision Yet according to the rumors of the last hour it would have been he who created a deep rift within the majority, which then resulted in the surprise resignation of Boggio, at the height of a heated discussion by the council. It is not known about what question. Indeed, the resignation of Giosi Boggio would have already been registered in the Municipality. However, the absence of comments from the remaining members of the junta, which has not been found since the news began to circulate, is surprising. Not only “in the palace”, but also among the residents of the small lower Canavese center. Meanwhile, the date set for the next council meeting remains on the institutional website of the Municipality: Monday 22 November at 20.30.

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The items on the agenda include a budget change and the approval of the executive project for the construction of a new roundabout. The mayor having 20 days before confirming, or withdrawing her resignation, will guide the work again. A crack therefore remains open. Giosi Boggio had been re-elected in the early elections of 2015, after the sudden death of the mayor Giuseppe Bollettino, only to be reconfirmed in 2020.

And to support it there was, compactly, the outgoing majority, next to the entrance of young faces. The candidates were in fact the outgoing councilors Simona Amore, Giacomo Cerutti, now prime minister, Michele Mennuni, mister preference, who was the deputy mayor, and then Leandro Boggio and Mariella Iavello.

To each of them Boggio had assigned specific powers based on their skills. And until the discussions of the last few days no fractures had emerged. To understand, without more doubts, what really happened, all that remains is to wait for next Monday’s meeting.Lydia mass

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