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Politicians will receive at least 40 million in severance payments over the next five years, PVDA calculates

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In the coming legislature, at least 40 million euros in exit compensation will be paid across all parliaments. This is evident from calculations by PVDA. Who want to put the abolition of the system before the elections back on the table.

For the five parliaments for the period 2024-2029, a total of 40.1 million euros gross – of which 16.4 million for the House – will be paid out to parliamentarians who do not return after the elections. HLN reports this based on calculations by PVDA.

The amount politicians are entitled to depends on the duration of their political career. Generally speaking, the calculation is as follows: for each year worked in parliament, a retiring politician is entitled to compensation of two months’ wages. There is a ceiling. Since 2014, this can amount to a maximum of 24 months or 253,000 euros gross. But for those who were already in the hemisphere before 2014, that is still 48 monthly wages or 507,000 euros gross. And every MP is also entitled to a minimum exit premium of four monthly wages or 42,000 euros gross.

These reimbursements have already been cut back a lot in recent years. For example, the amount for the coming legislature is already 24 percent lower than between 2019 and 2023, when a total of 49.8 million euros gross was paid out. Nevertheless, some still make serious money. The older generation in particular can still count on high sums. For example, for Patrick Dewael (Open VLD) this is 507,024 euros gross and for Maggie De Block (Open VLD) it is 316,890 euros gross, according to PVDA. Björn Anseeuw of N-VA can count on 232,386 euros gross and Servais Verherstraeten of CD&V on 401,394 euros gross. Former President of the House André Flahaut (PS) is entitled to 316,000 euros gross and CD&V member Hendrik Bogaert to 253,000 euros gross.

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PVDA has been calling for the abolition of these exit payments for some time and wants to put the question on the table again before the elections. “It is untenable that such privileges exist. Our parliamentarians will not take their farewell compensation,” emphasizes Jos D’Haese, PVDA faction leader in the Flemish Parliament. “We remain true to our principles. We are in parliament to serve the working people, not ourselves.”

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