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Polo Polo’s harsh criticism of the Ministry of Equity of Francia Márquez

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Polo Polo’s harsh criticism of the Ministry of Equity of Francia Márquez

After President Gustavo Petro announced the processes for the creation of the Ministry of Equality, which will be led by Vice President Francia Márquez, it will also have five vice ministries. The reactions did not wait, one of them was the strong criticism of the representative of the Chamber for the Afro Miguel Polo Polo constituency.

Through his Twitter account, the senator questioned the president’s decision:

“How does having an LGBTIQ vice-ministry for women, youth and a vice-ministry for the disabled contribute to the development of the country?” he said.

Miguel Polo Polo added in the trill, “this is nothing more than the instrumentalization of Petro and France to these populations to have more bureaucracy to distribute, as in the national savings fund. Who pays the bill? The working people ”, he emphasized.

Immediately the different reactions: “Ask yourself the same question… What do you contribute as a representative of the blacks if you talk about everything except them? You are someone who makes those you claim to represent invisible”; “Polo Polo wants that ministry”; “wouldn’t it be better to invest in food for the children who die of hunger every day”; “You don’t know the law, but in addition to the great development theories, at least the youth has a huge investment gap, to such an extent that it has produced a generation of “idiots” and some even become congressmen”: were some of the messages.

Ministry of Equality will have five vice ministries

According to President Gustavo Petro, those vice ministries will be for Women, for Youth, for the LGBTIQ+ population and Disability, plus another that is still being defined. “Here there is another series of administrative divisions that are going to be generated in that ministry (Equality) that are also, in a certain way, innovations that were already in the mayors’ offices, but that the nation did not have,” he said.

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Then he added: “There are five vice ministries. So, that appears for the first time in the nation. One says to oneself, and why? Other things like this, but that’s how it is, then, the Vice Ministry of Youth, I don’t remember if there is one for LGBTIQ, there are a series of addresses, yes, the population with disabilities. A bit about the population groups that have been attacked by inequality”.

On the other hand, the president explained that the Department of Social Prosperity (DPS), which is in charge of Cielo Rusinque, will be attached to this new ministry. In addition, the portfolio will also direct the ‘Youth in Peace’ program, announced by the national government.

Regarding the Vice Ministry for Women, she stated that “this new institutional body deserves to be governed with social movements, organizations, NGOs, the women’s movement itself that expresses itself in the sidewalks, in the neighborhoods, in the municipalities and the universities. This movement should help us to govern, using the institutionality that is now going to be called the Vice Ministry of Women”.

“We have to work hard, because in ten years they will ask us if the Ministry of Equality managed to impact society or if its action was marginal. It is my invitation to start thinking and acting on the issue, ”he added.

Similarly, the president argued that the transformation of the Institutional Educational Project (PEI), which is the curriculum of schools, is required so that education has a gender equity approach.

For her part, Vice President Francia Márquez explained that one of the main initiatives will be the creation of a monitoring and follow-up system for gender-based violence. “We have identified the deficiencies in terms of a special justice system that is in charge of criminalizing the crimes that women face,” she said. with Infobae

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