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Ponte Diana, Anas starts work on alternative roads – Sardinia

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Ponte Diana, Anas starts work on alternative roads – Sardinia

Within 1 month redevelopment of Berchidda-Oschiri municipal roads


(ANSA) – OSCHIRI, 14 MAR – The start of the construction site is scheduled for next Monday 20 March and the works will be completed within thirty days: Anas has delivered the redevelopment works of the alternative road following the closure to the executing company of the Diana bridge on state road 392, in Oschiri, in the province of Sassari. In fact, since the first days of June 2022, the bridge over Lake Coghinas has been closed to traffic after some technical inspections had highlighted a deterioration in the conservation conditions and functionality of the structure.

On that occasion, Anas identified as an alternative road network the roads owned by the municipality called “Berchidda-Ponte Diana” and “Silvani-Fioridas- Sa Contra-Sa Buttiglia-Sa Moddita”, between Berchidda and Oschiri. Roads in terrible condition, at the center of citizens’ protests which culminated on 25 February with a provocative initiative but also a denunciation: 20 farmers and entrepreneurs from Oschiri set about repairing part of the holes opened along the route at their own expense.

For the chairman of the Ponte Diana committee, Gianfrancesco De Candia, a peaceful and unusual protest that has borne fruit. “We are happy – he comments – that Anas has listened to our protest voices and we are now starting work on a road that allows many of us entrepreneurs to reach our companies every day and many citizens to return to their homes instead. We will continue to monitor both these works, but above all the timing for the reopening of the bridge, on which we ask once again to speed up”.

On 7 March, following the completion of the authorization process which also involves the municipal administrations of Oschiri and Berchidda, it was possible to start the redevelopment works on the alternative road system, which will be carried out at the expense of Anas . (HANDLE).

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