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Pools at work for the Green card: fear of a new drop in users

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BELLUNO. Pool managers at work to adapt to the provisions in force from 6 August. There are still many unknowns. There is a fear of a drastic drop in admissions.

«We are trying to find the information necessary to implement what has been imposed in the best possible way», begins Marco Coli, president of the Mondo Sport sports club that manages the Pieve di Cadore swimming pool, «and to understand how to apply the new obligation. As always, we are forced to waste countless hours to ensure that end users have as little inconvenience as possible. As for the green pass, why is it possible in some places without it and in others not? Why can you see scenes of people piled up like sardines outdoors? Why, as always, do you point the finger at some realities? But are indoor pools really the problem? Data in hand, outbreaks in zero pools. With all the limits imposed in our structure, as in many others, so few people can enter at the same time that the green pass is less useful than in other realities. I find this system highly discriminatory and I fear that in our structure there will be a further and strong blow towards the decrease in the number of people who accessed the system every day ».

«On the one hand we are not very happy», admits Giorgio De Nardin (Actively Agordino) who manages the Agordo plant, «because we will inevitably lose users especially among the under 18s, the least vaccinated group. On the other hand, this can be a measure that we hope will allow us to no longer close and perhaps avoid some restrictions, such as 7 square meters per user. Some gray areas remain in the legislation but we hope to have more clarifications in the coming days ».

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«We are in a phase of stalemate and waiting», adds the president of Ondablu (Santa Giustina and Pedavena), Angelo Paganin, «which wears out the pool managers. Users do not sign up, given the uncertainty. There are still many things to understand: how will the companions be managed? Will there be extensions for the 12-18 age bracket? Will the date of August 6 be effective? Will the employees of the facility have to be compulsorily vaccinated? Since we are not a socio-health reality and since there is no close proximity to users, I would tend to argue that it is not mandatory. But we are still in the stage of interpretations ».

“We are working to adapt to the provisions of the decree that will come into force on August 6”, says from the swimming poola di Belluno, the sole director of Sportivo, Fabio Gasperin, «and my personal position is that these restrictive measures are caused by the lack of responsibility of those people who have not yet vaccinated themselves for various reasons. Thanks to a few (or better still, many) we all recover and not only will management costs increase, but there will still be fewer accesses and therefore even more difficult budgets to make ends meet ».

Finally, in Longarone, the managers reminded us that «from 6 August to access our sports facilities it is necessary to show the green pass. It is not necessary for children under 12 and accompanying themgnatori “.

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