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Poor, old, exhausted – La Stampa

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Poor, old, exhausted – La Stampa

There are three ways to save Ukraine from the Russian invasion, to prevent it from then on to Moldova and Georgia, and in the meantime to avert the outbreak of a planetary war. Three roads plus one. The first road, the most acclaimed, is that of diplomacy. In three weeks the United States, the European Union, Germany, France, Turkey, Israel, India went to Putin or phoned him or sent them emissaries, Russian and Ukrainian delegations met three times , and from this tangle of vertices not a spider has gotten out of the hole: Putin does not take half a step back. Second road, the most inaccessible, that of the arming of the Ukrainian resistance. Impervious because it is opposed by a large part of Western public opinion, which repudiates war even when war already exists, and demands more diplomacy and more diplomacy or, alternatively, the surrender of Ukraine to the new master in arms.

But impervious above all because arming the Ukrainians risks making Putin nervous, with his finger resting on the atomic bomb button, and now we must stop. Third way, neither acclaimed nor impervious, is that of sanctions. According to some analysts they are taking Moscow by the throat, according to others we underestimate the Russian capacity for suffering, but in any case Germany and Italy want to exclude gas and oil from the game, otherwise the GDP will fall again and the people will get angry. Three paths plus a fourth, unfortunately the most obvious, and taken yesterday by Josep Borrell, head of EU foreign policy: to call for help from the great adversary, China. Poor, old, weary West.

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