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Popular British radio DJ kidnapped and tortured to death: gang may spend years in prison

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He was often seen on social media at exotic destinations or during meetings with world stars such as rapper Diddy. But last October, the naked, mutilated body of radio DJ Mehmet Koray Alpergin was suddenly found in a forest in Essex. Several men from a gang have now been found guilty of, among other things, his kidnapping, torture and murder, British media write.

On October 13 last year, things went horribly wrong for Alpergin and his girlfriend Godze Dalbudak. Dalbudak was visiting from Turkey and after a tour they went out for dinner. After the dinner in central London, the two were kidnapped in some sort of “military operation,” prosecutors said. The kidnappers were able to track Alpergin through a tracker. Alpergin allegedly tried to resist but was eventually pushed into a van and taken away. His girlfriend was pushed into a car at knifepoint. The two were taken to a vacant wine bar where they were both blindfolded and tied up. Alpergin said his last words to his girlfriend there: “Don’t be afraid. I’m sorry, honey.”


While Alpergin was brutally tortured, his girlfriend was held in a toilet. Finally, she managed to free her hands with her teeth. She was released after being held for 48 hours. Her boyfriend has already died. His naked body, covered in 94 wounds from the torture, was dumped in a forest and later found by a man walking his dog. Alpergin was allegedly punched and kicked by his captors, beaten with a baseball bat, and doused with boiling water. He also had stab wounds in his feet, among others, and was allegedly raped with various objects. According to prosecutors, “his only mercy was that he was never able to survive more than a few hours.”

After his girlfriend spoke to police, she left for Turkey, never to return to England. She also refused to testify via video link from abroad.

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Ultimately, six men stood trial for the kidnapping and torture. Two of them were acquitted, four were found guilty of, among other things, kidnapping, deprivation of liberty, manslaughter and disposing of a body.

Organized crime

Mehmet Koray Alpergin, father of one, was a well-known figure in the British-Turkish community in London as a radio DJ and owner of Bizim FM, a Turkish-language radio station. He showed off glitz and glamor on social media, but he fell heavily into debt. According to prosecutors, he became involved in the world of drugs and organized crime.

It is not known what exactly caused the kidnapping. During the trial it was suggested that he may have been tortured for knowledge he had about a certain shipment of drugs or money.

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