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Popular Consultation will have 10 questions

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The plenary session of the Constitutional Court endorsed 10 questions, out of a total of 20 that President Daniel Noboa sent to him to be included in a Popular Consultation.

The plenary session of the Constitutional Court issued a favorable opinion regarding the four questions that President Daniel Noboa proposed for Popular Consultation and that were still being analyzed by the highest constitutional body.

Previously, the institution endorsed Noboa with six additional questions, with which Ecuadorians will be consulted on 10 topics, compared to the 20 that were initially raised.

The last endorsed questions are related to the elimination of the constitutional prohibition of extradition of Ecuadorian persons; the incorporation of judiciaries specialized in constitutional matters; the permission of international arbitration between the State and private persons; and, the incorporation of hourly and fixed-term contracts into the labor regime.

However, the constitutional judges They demanded that the President of the Republic make changes concrete and verifiable in each of the proposals to comply with the requirements provided for in the Organic Law of Jurisdictional Guarantees and Constitutional Control (LOGJCC) and guarantee the clarity and loyalty of the questions to the electorate.

Once the president makes the requested changes, the 15-day period will begin for the National Electoral Council (CNE) to call elections and, from the call, 60 days will run for the Popular Consultation to be carried out.

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The ruling of the Constitutional Court was taken by majority, with the saved vote (against) of judges Richard Ortiz, Jhoel Escudero and Alejandra Cárdenas.

Armed Forces in internal control

Additionally, the CC issued a favorable opinion on the modification of the functions of the Armed Forces (FF. AA.) in the internal security of the State.

This proposal aims to reform article 158 of the Constitution, which It is about the collaboration of the FF. AA. in internal securityin an extraordinary, complementary and regulated manner.

This opinion corresponds to the second moment of control of the partial reform proposal approved by the National Assembly on December 21, 2023, initiated by the then President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, on October 31, 2022.

The Court unanimously issued a favorable opinion regarding the question and its annex. Regarding the introductory recitals, it determined that, for the most part, they comply with the legal requirements and eliminated the phrases and recitals that could affect the full freedom of the electorate.

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