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Pordenone, Burrai’s mistake: Feralpisalò conquers the Teghil

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Pordenone, Burrai’s mistake: Feralpisalò conquers the Teghil

LIGNANO. Step back to Pordenone, which after two consecutive victories at Teghil, falls in the big match of the tenth day in front of Feralpisalò, which scores the overtaking in the standings. A game not really full of emotions, but that the neroverdi seemed to be able to manage, without giving the impression of wanting to win at all costs. An error by Burrai, which triggered the counterattack of D’Orazio’s goal-match, was decisive fifteen minutes from the end.

Ramarri hooked to fourth place, in the classification of group A of Serie C, at 17 points from Novara, who beat Padova in extremis, another team with 17 points to their credit. In front of them, Feralpi and Renate at 19, Lecco in command at 20 after the 2-0 win on the Arzignano rectangle.

Next match next Sunday at 2.30 pm on the Pergolettese field, where it will be necessary to win the three points in order not to break away from the top positions.

After the first minutes under the Pordenone mark, Feralpisalò becomes dangerous in the 9th minute with Siligardi: her left ends on the bottom. The neroverdi respond at 12 ‘with a powerful left foot from Pinato from the edge: Pizzignacco saves him. At 18 ‘Benedetti’s punishment from the edge: he rejects the barrier.

At 23 ‘occasionissima for the hosts: Pizzignacco still saves his team on Candellone’s close shot. It seems like a monologue of the lizards: on the 32 ‘right around Deli and Pizzignacco again to deny the joy of the goal to the neroverdi. Before the break on Dubickas’ header, the Feralpi goalkeeper fusses and keeps the result in a draw.

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In the second half, the two teams, aware of the importance of the stakes, are more careful not to take them, not to make mistakes, rather than to “offend” -. The mistake, however, was made by Pordenone, at 29 ‘, with his most experienced man, Sasà Burrai, who had entered a quarter of an hour earlier in the place of Giorico. The director makes a mistake in the setting phase, letting Siligardi snatch the ball in midfield, who immediately sets Guerra in motion on the right for an unexpected counterattack, a low cross that cuts the whole neroverde area and D’Orazio puts in the sill.

The neroverdi are not there and at 39 ′ Pizzignacco, best in the field, deflects a header from Candellone for a sure shot. It is the last chance of the match: in the 6 ‘of recovery – during which he plays in numerical superiority for the expulsion of Bergonzi in the 90’ ​​- Di Carlo’s team is unable to balance the result.


PORDENONE (4-3-1-2): Party; Zammarini, Bruscagin, Bassoli, Benedetti; Torrasi (33 ‘st Biondi), Giorico (15’ st Burrai), Pinato; Deli; Dubickas (15 ′ st Magnaghi, 18 ′ st Piscopo), Candellone. Available: Martinez, Giust, Maset, La Rosa, Biscontin, Ingrosso, Baldassar, Bottani. Herdsman Di Carlo.

FERALPISALÒ (4-3-1-2): Pizzignacco; Bergonzi, Pilati, Benedetti (26 ‘st Bacchetti), Salines; Zennaro (26 ‘st Icardi), Carraro (39’ st Musatti), Balestrero; Siligardi (39 ‘st Dimarco); Cernigoi (17 ‘st D’Orazio), Guerra. Available: Neri, Ferretti, Tonetto, Pietrelli. Herds Vecchi.

Referee: Galipò from Florence, assistants Grasso from Acireale and Vitale from Ancona. Fourth officer Arnaut of Padua.

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Scorers: in the second half, at 29 ‘D’Orazio.

Notes: Bergonzi sent off for a double yellow card. Ammonites Giorico and D’Orazio. Corners 10-2. Recovery: 0 ′ pt, 6 ′ st. 638 spectators (of which 200 subscribers). Collection 4,277 euros.

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