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Porto hits Arsenal with a GOAL in the last minute – Diario La Página

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The first duel between Porto and Arsenal in the Champions League has come to an end, which was due to emotions, although in the end Galeno gave the victory to the locals, with a goal at 90+3, they sign the 1 -0.

Arsenal looked for a way to reverse the situation against Porto, because although they had the ball their dangerous plays were few. In the end they ended up paying in the Champions League.

Porto defeats Arsenal at the last minute
The match at the Estadio Do Dragao in Portugal began very evenly and with both teams analyzing each other, because when one wanted to go forward, the other retreated its lines in order not to make mistakes or give away any goals.

This is how it happened in the 26th minute, where Conceicao won with speed and sent a cross into the area, which was cut off but no one from the Gunners was going to recover it; Galeno takes advantage of the inattention and hits a double shot, but one went to the post and the other went outside.

In the first half there was only one other ‘attention’ play, but without danger, as Nico González dared to hit him from outside the area trying to surprise David Raya, but he went wide and headed towards the stands.

For the second half there was an attempt by Arsenal with a volley shot by Trossard, who received a high ball after a corner kick, but it went into the air.

At the end and in the last play of the match, Porto connects a good shot from the hand of Galeno, where Raya cannot react and thus they take advantage.

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