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Ports of Abruzzo at the center of a major project for sustainable development

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Ports of Abruzzo at the center of a major project for sustainable development

“Il Venice boat show represented an opportunity to draw the balance sheet of a project of which Arabicnow the operational arm of the Abruzzo regionhas been an important partner, as an implementing entity, focused on the development of port of OrtonaOf breaking latest news e you Giulianova“.

These are the words of the president of the regional company for productive activities, (Arap), Joseph Savini who, alongside the director of the BoD John Cordiscoparticipated in the Boat Show in Venice.

Arap, as partner from Abruzzo, was in particular the protagonist of the final meeting of Interreg Italy-Croatia project “Frame(S)port“, for the strengthening of the port areas of the Adriatic.

“Arap participated in the regional tender to produce hydrogen in abandoned industrial areas – recalled Savini -. Tourism, industry and sustainability: there are many development opportunities linked by a single common thread that passes from the enhancement of small ports, all points inevitably connected each other for a 360-degree sustainability. We underlined the need to continue in this direction by placing small ports at the center, the connective tissue of the coastal economy”.

Savini then added: “Frame(S)port brings the two shores of the Adriatic between Italy and Croatia closer together with the aim of bringing together the 600 small ports surveyed so that they can become opportunities for the sustainable development of territories rich in beauty. It is only the beginning of a large collaboration project with other national and international realities, which in the future will also have significant implications for our economy, linking tourism and industry”.

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Among the most relevant aspects at the heart of the Frame(S)port project, that of yachting, as highlighted by President Savini: “Managing ports also means organizing services well, for this reason it is always necessary to aim with greater conviction at yachting and related services tourism, culture and food and wine, for the benefit of the entire local economy”.

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