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Postpartum depression, what you did not know

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Postpartum depression, what you did not know

Anxiety, irritability and persistent crying are some of the symptoms that a mother with postpartum depression commonly presents.

This affective picture can appear eight days after delivery or up to the following 2 months.

Contrary to what is thought, it is usually very frequent because, according to the World Health Organizationaffects one in six women who give birth.

It is important to take into account the following points, to identify if the mother is going through postpartum depression:


You may experience anxiety, irritability, persistent crying, loss of appetite and sleep, overwhelmed, lack of interest in caring for the baby, as well as feelings of guilt and worthlessness.

How does it seem?

It can start early and be intense, it must be attended to promptly. Depression can also come incubating in the time in which the woman has felt overwhelmed but has kept quiet about it.

This seems to be less explosive but may end up being more risky.

Myths about treatment

There is resistance to psychiatric consultation to treat postpartum depression. This is really meant to help keep the Health mental health of the mother, which in turn will be reflected in the well-being of the child.

Postpartum depression is also often associated with psychotic behavior in which the woman will go crazy or mistreat the baby.

When does it appear?

The fact that the mother does not present symptoms in the weeks following delivery does not mean that she will not suffer.

Postpartum depression can appear from the first week after delivery up to two months after.

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Although it can occur due to a natural hormonal process in women, factors such as complications or pregnancy losses can increase the chances of suffering from it.

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