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Power transformer exploded near TM station in Suba

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Power transformer exploded near TM station in Suba

An explosion occurred near a Transmilenio station in the town of Suba, which did not leave anyone injured but affected the mobility of the system for more than an hour.

The event occurred near Gratamirawhere a power transformer that was several meters from the point where the articulated vehicles pick up the passengers exploded.

Through social networks, people who were near the place recorded how the cloud of smoke affected mobility at times.

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Due to the fire, Transmilenio evacuated the citizens while the Fire Department controlled the situationIn addition, the articulated vehicles had to travel through the mixed lane, causing traffic jams.

Around 5 pm, the transportation system reported that “the fire was controlled by the Bogotá Fire Department. We ensure the integrity of users and collaborators as well as infrastructure”.

Until now, the reasons why the power transformer exploded are not known nor what sectors could it affect regarding electricity.

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