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Pre-candidate for mayor of Cali suffered macho attack

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Pre-candidate for mayor of Cali suffered macho attack

In the last few hours, a video that began to go viral on social networks captured the moment in which former congresswoman Catalina Ortiz had a verbal exchange with a person who verbally assaulted her from a car.

The man is heard in the video telling Catalina to “go home, mija” from the car. These were also words that greatly outraged the public: “That is what she should do, the woman has to be in the house, she needs a strong hand to govern her.”

The macho acts of this man were rejected by Internet users, assuring that it is incredible that today there are still behaviors of this type. On the other hand, the messages of solidarity towards Ortiz did not wait either, both the people and some political personalities have expressed their support for him after what happened.

Mabel Lara, journalist and activist, affirmed that this is a painful illustration of what is happening in the nation: “All solidarity with and with the women who are in the exercise of power. a painful illustration of what is happening in the country”.

Former presidential candidate Sergio Fajardo also shouted that only the machos should stay at home, saying: “The only ones who should stay at home are the machos and the violent ones like the one in this video.” My support for Catalina Ortiz, a strong woman who has carved out a place for herself in politics.

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Roy Barreras was one of the other speakers, and he posed the same question: “How about the outrage from this macho caveman? Catalina Ortiz is not a friend, but she deserves all our solidarity! And investigate the caveman for breaking the law in various ways,” said the former president of the Senate.

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It is to remember that Congress last week approved a law that prohibits gender political violence, so anyone who assaults women politicians can face both legal and criminal repercussions. Acts like the one experienced by Catalina Ortiz would thus be sanctioned.

Although Catalina Ortiz has not yet said if she will file a lawsuit against this man, she has admitted that she wants to find him so they can talk about what happened.

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